Discover the brand new way to get fit in London whilst raising funds for my AFK

Come and join us this July for a one-of-a-kind workout experience that will make you discover The Isle of Dogs and Greenwich to the sound of the artists that have shaped the music scene of the areas, whilst meeting like-minded people and ending the session with a refreshing drink at the my AFK Beach Volleyball courts. 

Get ready to relax, get fit, meet some great new people guided by a fitness guide who will fill you in about the culture, history and music of the area and see how far you can go in 90 minutes. 

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The London Fitness Tour has partnered with my AFK to offer activities during the my AFK Beach Tournament in Canary Wharf from 9th July to 3rd of August. Let's get together to raise funds for teenagers and young adults with special educational needs and help them get the job and the independence they deserve.  

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From skyscrapers, to city farms, to stunning views, to foot tunnels, to parks come and enjoy the Isle of Dogs in a brand new way. Each session end at the AFK beach where you can enjoy a drink at the bar and stay to watch a volleyball match whilst meeting some great new people. 


Come and enjoy some fresh air and nature as you work out using benches, handrails, steps, bridges and much more. With specific routines that vary in intensity according to the fitness levels, you can choose between our power walking tours (on Tuesdays and Sundays) or running tours (on Fridays) merged with different exercises to improve strength, coordination and flexibility. 

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Great way to see London and keep fit

We did the tour of Canary Wharf and at first I wasn't sure what to expect. The tour was great and not only showed me bits of the City that I had never seen before (despite living here for 13 years!), but it was also a great, fun way to get fit. I would highly recommend the tours for individuals or groups who are looking for something a little different.

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Your donation to my AFK can make a real difference to the lives of disabled children and young people all over the UK.