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The new way to discover London through fitness



The London Fitness Tour is the new progressive fitness experience that allows you to exercise, socialize and discover amazing gems of London all at once. Forget crowded gyms, boring treadmills and sweaty people, the time  has come to make your body work out whilst your brain is blown away by breathtaking views, stunning nature and undiscovered corners of the city.  

The new cutting-edge fitness routine that uses every element of the environment to target and improve specific areas of your body, all to the rhythm of music.



All itineraries are tours  merged  with a full body workout that last two and a half hours. Tours are suitable for all fitness levels and at the end you can stay for an optional brunch at a selected local restaurant or brasserie.

Every tour can be booked privately and customized according to your specific needs. Many other tours coming soon. 


From the beautiful Regent's Park, to the stunning views from Primrose Hill, to the picturesque narrowboat hangout in Little Venice, this tour uncovers one of the most relaxing and authentic corners of London.


Get into the true Jamaican spirit of one of London's coolest areas. Discover Brixton's vibrant markets, food halls, street art, beach and open air lido for a few hours of fun, fitness and amazing food!


From London's major business disctrict, to a invigorating power walk through its harbour this tour ranges from skycrapers to nature, ending in Greenwich, where you can enjoy  London's stunning skyline.


Get inspired by the trendy East End with a tour that will power walk you through its creative hub. From Spitalfields, to Brick Lane, to the Nomadic Garden, see one of the biggest street art galleries in London.



The workout is a unique combination of cardio exercises, self defence and power walking in order to allow clients to build their strength, improve coordination and endurance and start learning some key physical and mental self defence techniques.  




An effective cardio program designed to work on every part of your body using the surrounding environment as your open-air gym. All exercises help not only to improve your strength, coordination and flexibility, but increase blood flow to muscles, strengthen the heart and lungs and teach them to work more efficiently. 

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Power walking is one of the most effective ways to help manage your weight, burn calories and work on the whole of your body without putting as much strain on your joints as jogging does. All tours include 4 to 6 miles of power walking. Other benefits include regulating cholesterol levels and lowering high blood pressure.



All tours end with a full body workout in a park or calm surrounding. This aims at teaching you some key self defence techniques to increase your physical strength, self esteem and confidence. You'll learn how to guard, free yourself from a grab, punch and kick whilst toning up and reshaping your body.   



What happens when a personal trainer and a marketing expert walk around London and pass by a gym? Masses of people queuing for their treadmills, strain and fatigue on their faces, stuffy rooms. "Why should fitness be so tiring and constraining when it should be fun and motivating?" We wondered. And this is how it all started, from the desire to merge fitness with the discovery of new places in order to dissociate the brain from the body and therefore decrease the fatigue level perception and enjoy exercising at its fullest.

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Savio Los

Private personal trainer, fitness instructor and Karate expert, Savio's constant curiosity and desire to explore new places led him to merge his three biggest passions - travelling, fitness and nutrition - into a unique workout experience. His mission in life is to make health and fitness accessible, enjoyable and approachable for all and he aims to do so with the London Fitness Tour, where he develops and runs all the tours.

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Elisabetta Faggiana

Strategic marketing expert with a 10 year experience in music, theatre and tourism in both marketing and general management roles, Elisabetta has lived in 3 different countries and is constantly working on new ideas to develop. By merging her knowledge and passion for music, tourism and fitness she came up with the idea of the London Fitness Tour, where she directs all operations and strategy.